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Jack Brooks rifle (Reduced price)

Jack Brooks 54 cal. rifle marked "John S. Brooks 1987" on barrel Plain curly maple stock, early style, 54-1/2 overall length, replaced sliding wood patch box, aged finish with incise and relief carving, custom flint lock 5-1/4 early German 1750-1760 Brass hardware, 1-1/2 formed end cap, 3 flat butt plate, 4-3/4, 2" wide, single trigger, 40" swamp barrel, 1-1/8 breech, 31/32 muzzle, 7/8 at 11" from muzzle, coned muzzle approx. 13-1/4 trigger pull

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Lehigh County Rifle

This is a brand new Lehigh County rifle built in our shop. It features a 38" swamped Colerain barrel in .45 caliber, a Hand-Tuned Large Siler lock and single trigger by R.E. Davis Co. Its stocked in a magnificent piece of Curly Maple that runs brilliant from one end to the other. Some unique features are the period correct 16-sided hand-filed ram rod pipes, the decoratively filed brass sideplate and the engraved two-piece brass patchbox. The trigger pull measures 14 1/4". This beautiful rifle was finished using all traditional 18th Century stains and finishes. For a few additional photos please visit our website and go to CURRENT SPECIALS.

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.54 caliber Yorktown Rifle

This is one of our signature Yorktown Rifles in .54 caliber that we just got it in on consignment. It is in very nice condition and shows typical patina for a rifle that was shot and used but well taken care of. It features a 39" Colerain barrel, Large Siler lock and Double-Set triggers by R.E. Davis Co. The rifle is stocked in a nice piece of curly Maple and features a 2-piece brass patchbox, Silver star inlay in the cheek and a silver wrist inlay. The wrist inlay is engraved with the previous owners initials of "RF". This is a very nice rifle that will provide many more years of service. For a few more photos, please visit our website and go to CURRENT SPECIALS.

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Peter Alexander Longrifles

These two Longrifles by Peter Alexander are pictured on the cover of both his book and video ‘Building the American Longrifle ‘ which I filmed and produced. Exemplary examples of his work, they provide a unique hallmark in Contemporary Longifle history. I am selling them as a pair. Both rilles are pictured and described on Peter Alexander’s website, ( clic on year of manufacture. ) The Virginia Rifle is shown by Peter in his video. The Virginia rifle, reincarnated by Peter in 2000 is a totally hand made rifle whose creation spans over 200 years. Ed Rayl recut the rifling of the original circa 1770’s hand forged 48 inch swamped barrel to .58cal.. The lock was hand forged by Sherwood, Peter made the double set triggers and all of the furniture, which is profusely ingraved The butt plate and trigger guard were cast in the Gun shop at Colonial Williamsburg, The rifle has 6 silver inlays, 3 on the Patchbox plus the cheekpiece inlay w/silver wire inlay, the toe plate and thumb plate. The patchbox release is integrated into its hinge. The relief carving is magnificent and incorporates elements that reflect Peter’s and my shared Scottish heritage. Our Masonic Brotherhood is also celebrated in his engraving. This long rifle is a dynamic, functional piece of art. The George Shreyer style rifle Peter built for me is listed on his blog site as being made in 1979, although the barrel is signed 1982. Also, this rifle does NOT have an interchangeable .55 cal. smoothbore barrel, as is stated there. The 44 inch .50 cal. swamped barrel was cloned by Don Getz from an original signed Shreyer barrel. It has a tuned Siler Lock and a Butt plate and trigger guard cast by Reaves Goehring from original Shreyer parts. Serious buyer inquiries only please. Additional photos upon request. Both these rifles are on Peter’s website : ( Clic on year of manufacture as given above. )

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schreyer gun

This bench copy of a Schreyer gun was built by Bill Shipman with a 45 1/2" long, 52 cal. smoothbore Bobby Hoyt barrel, and a Jim Chambers lock. It is beautifully zeroed to shoot a patched .490 or .495 round ball at 50 yards or more. The gun has fired less than fifty rounds and is in mint condition. Inquire for additional information. Owner will go to his range with you to shoot it if you wish. $5800 firm

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2014 CLF Fund Raising Auction

The Contemporary Longrifle Foundation 2014 Fund Raising Auction is under construction. Last year’s auction theme was the Battle of New Orleans and, thanks to all of you, it was very successful. This year will be the final Auction themed on the War of 1812 and will be broadly based on the Westward movement, Southern influences on the longrifle and the longrifle culture, and the transition of the rifle culture from the Trans-Appalachian frontier to the plains and mountains of the far west. We have three southern themed firearms currently being built by noted CLA artists, Mike Miller, Roger Sells, and Marc Tornichio. There are a number of interesting accouterments from artists such as TC Albert and Tim Crosby, Steve Auvenshine, Jerry Eitner, Maryellen Pratt, Joe Seabolt, and Bill Smith. We still have room for a few more. If you are interested in contributing contact Heinz Ahlers,

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Elmer Wall / John Armstrong Museum Grade Kentucky Flintlock Longrifle

Museum grade historically accurate contemporary John Armstrong Kentucky flintlock longrifle. Fully functional. One of, if not, the finest longrifles of its type found anywhere. Builder: Elmer N. Wall, Winchester, Kentucky, 1993. Select rare fine grade curly maple stock. Siler lock. R.E. Davis trigger. Getz barrel: 42 inch, .40 Cal, 1:66 twist. German silver and brass inlays. Collector documentation includes detailed photographic prints of the longrifle, photograph of Elmer Wall with the rifle in 2002, and original hand written notes by Elmer Wall describing the rifle and his life history. Mr. Wall, now in his 80’s, is renowned for his outstanding quality, craftsmanship and historical accuracy. This rifle is based upon Mr. Wall’s careful studies of several of John Armstrong’s Emmitsberg, Maryland, museum and private collection pieces built between 1793 and 1830. Armstrong was one of the most notable builders of his day. Mr. Wall incorporated specific build details and designs that were unique to John Armstrong’s pieces built during the Golden Age of Kentucky flintlock longrifles. Mr. Wall has built over 200 longrifles in his long, storied career. Mr. Wall considers this rifle, #187, to be one of his finest pieces. Detailed photographs of the rifle can be found at: Note: Display case shown in photographs is not included. Serious buyer inquiries only please. Located in Arizona.

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50 cal. Allen Martin left hand rifle,, Price Reduced

I am selling this very nicely done Allen Martin Left hand rifle for a client. 50 cal swamped Bobby Hoyt barrel with funneled muzzle,, very nice balance. trigger pull is 13 5/8, super fine curly maple aged very nice, approx. two years old, tapered ram rod, insised carved, sliding wood patch box, 8 lb. 50 rounds fired through. I have more photos, please email me if you want to see more. Allan Sandy 434-760-1144 PRICE DROP feb/8/14

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Louie Parker Rifle

Louie Parker Rifle. Patch box, toe plate, and inlays copied from a rifle marked Alvin Halland. New Burn, South Carolina 1829. 43 in 40 caliber barrel. 13 1/2" pull. Beautiful piece of Louie's early work. Like new condition. More pictures available upon request.

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Ken Netting Smoothbore -SALE PENDING

This is an exceptional Ken Netting fowler in .54 with a 48" Rayl octagon-to-round barrel and a Chambers English lock. There is light carving along the slim stock and engraved brass side plate, acorn trigger guard and extended butt plate. Well balanced at under 8 lbs., they just don't get any better. There are several more photos on Contemporary Makers, November 21, 2011. The REDUCED (AGAIN) price of $2,450.00 (OBO) includes shipping to the lower 48.

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