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Mid 1900's contemporary rifle WM Large &WG Sutter

Nice older full stocked rifle in good shape, some handling and shooting mark on wood, that is to be expected with use, no stock cracks. Overall length 59 inches, No makers name, barrel marked W.M.Large, it is .37 cal, 42" long, 13/16 on the flats. Bedford style lock marked W.G.Sutter #75, double triggers LOP 14". Patch box ingraved, silver and brass inlays (some with ingraving). Stripped Maple stock dark brown to black in color. Nice rifle I can provide more photos upon request, shoots a .360 to .370 RB, I got a good group offhand with the .360 and thick patch. Sold Pending funds

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Early Longrifle

Early longrifle 58 cal. 44" colerain barrel, chambers lock, cherry stock. Gun handles very well. $2,300.00 plus shipping. More pictures at Thanks for looking.

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New England Rifle

I don't see many New England rifles being made these days so I decided to try my hand at it. I am hoping there are some current or former New Englanders who might like such a rifle. This one has a 50 cal., 42", "B" weight swamped barrel made by Rice. The stock is cherry. The lock is a Chamber's Classic Ketland. Trigger pull is 14". Rear sight is 11.5" from the breech. The butt plate is 5" H x 1 7/8" W. The balance point is just to the rear of the rear sight, the ideal location. I have some high resolution pictures available upon request. Thanks for looking.

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Unique Gift for Her - Personalized Owl Pendant

We have some jewelry for sale that would make beautiful and thoughtful gifts. These handmade sterling silver pendants are interesting in that they are seen as thumb pieces in our gun world, but also make striking jewelry. These are highly detailed and meticulously finished with a rich patina. Each pendant comes on a sterling silver chain in a gift box. To purchase, you can contact me directly or you can buy directly from the website Orders will be shipped within a week or being received and will arrive in plenty of time for Valentines Day if received by February 1st. Baroque Owl: A strongly carved baroque design produced by John Cookson of London. A beautifully carved owl head crowns the pendant and overlooks symmetrical foliage, tassels and a grotesque mask. A beautiful statement piece. Also, within the next week, I will be unveiling a new design in the works which would make a perfect Valentines day gift. Its a heart-shaped owl pendant inspired by the work of Nicholas Paris, and English gun maker from the late 17th century.For a CLA special FREE hand engraved initial please check out with the no engraving option then write a note during checkout. This will keep you from having to pay the engraving fee. Or you can just email me. FREE shipping on all orders.

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.69/18 ga Doglock Native trade musket - Sale Pending

purchased from Nathanael Logsdon 2007, Overall length 58 inches LOP 14 inches Barrel length 42 inches Weight 8.2 lb

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.62 Cal Wood patchbox rifle

purchased from Dick Bingham at CLA show August 2009 More pictures and/or answers to questions on request.

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Indian Rifle

This highly decorated rifle is made in the tradition of the German Masters around 1750. It is .50 cal, on stump, curly maple stock. Phone for further details: 301 707 0996

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Jud Brennan Rifle

Words can not describe the quality and the beauty of this rifle. and pictures do not do it justice. For those of you who collect flintlocks when I say the name Jud Brennan that"s all I really need to say. For those just starting or thinking about collecting flintlocks, there are thousands of builders out there offering prices of a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Jud Brennan may be the finest builder in the world. If he is not he would be in the top select few. To have him build a rifle equal to the quality and workmanship of this fine piece would take many months, perhaps years and lots of bucks. I do not profess to knowing Mr. Brennan's production schedule or his price points. I do know he is well known in the art of building fine flintlocks. Please note the beautiful octagon barrel, rifle is dressed with lots of silver and brass highly engraved This rifle is featured here ://contemporarymakers.blogspot/2012/12/jud-brennan-rifle.html here you can see about 20 additional pictures as well as some additional written information. No waiting here, lets get together and I will ship it to you immediately.

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Transitional Style Rifle

Iron mounted Transitional Rifle with 44", octagon to round Getz barrel in .62 cal. Dark stained curly maple stock with ebony grip rail on trigger guard and ebony inlay on either side of patch box. The lock is the 1750, Jack Haugh design by Davis. The ramrod pipes, nose cap, side plate and trigger are hand made. The side plate and nose cap are German silver. Raised carving decorates the entire rifle as you can see. The rifle weighs 10 1/4 lbs. and has a trigger pull of 14 3/4". This is a big gun. I built the rifle in 1999 and entered it at Dixon's Gunmaker's Fair in 2001. The rifle received ribbons for 'Best of Show Contemporary" and first place in carving and engraving. The rifle has been shot three times. Higher resolution photos are available upon request. Thanks for looking.

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1760/1770 24 ga. Fowler

This is one of my early English/American Fowlers built about 5 years ago stocked in Cherry, brass mounts, Chambers brass plate English flintlock, Ed Rayl 24ga. 38'' smooth barrel oct. to round. SS wire work at the tang area and lower forearm, very nicely relief carved, fully engraved, SS thumb piece, barrel and brass have been aged. Trigger pull length is 13 '' weight is just 7lb. Price is $3,700

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