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Lester Smith For Hacker martin Longrifle

This is a Fantastic Lester Smith Longrifle. This Flintlock rifle has a 53" barrel and is 38 Caliber Smoothbore? Not certain when rifle was made but Lester Smith died in 1953. The patch box lock parts are missing inside.

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Jacob Dickert

This faithful copy of Jacob Dickert's rifle is built around a 41" 50 cal Rice "reading" pattern barrel. The lock is a Chambers gunmakers lock with golden age tumbler, the plate customized to the profile of the original lock, and the double cut border cut on the plate and cock, and the cock and set triggers were all custom built in my shop. It is stocked in an outstanding piece of curly sugar maple, and the LOP is 13" I had this rifle on display at the 2014 CLA show in Lexington. Additional photos are available here.... for looking

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William Antes rifle

This rifle is a faithful copy of the original rifle built by Antes. The barrel is a 44" 50 cal Rice B weight Lancaster pattern 1" breech, and the overall rifle length has been scaled to the barrel length. Lop is 13 1/8" but with the curved trigger it shoulders like 13 1/2" pull...very comfortable. The lock is the Chambers Dale Johnson , and best of all the hardware was cast from the original Antes rifle. This rifle was at my display table at the 2014 CLA show. Additional photos available here.... Thanks for looking

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Andrew Dolep Lock Castings Sets

Castings of an original lock by Andrew Dolep. Classic form from around 1690-1700. 5.125" long. Would work well for a pistol or small fowling piece. Andrew Dolep was a very prolific and well known English gunsmith during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. A very beautiful and stylish 17th century flintlock. Great care was taken in preparing the parts before making the molds. All holes are plugged and material was added to any places that needed it. The lock was in very good condition and allowed for nice castings to be created from it. Metals used: 1095 for the frizzen, 5160 for the springs, O1 for the tumbler, sear and 8620 for the remaining parts. No screws will be included. To purchase visit: or contact Jim at

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B. Fox Full Stock Flint Lock Long Rifle RJT# 3483 $1,695.00

This Southern Mountain rifle flint lock is in .45 cal. made by B. Fox. and mounted with a 42 inch octagon barrel. It has the classic mountain rifle patch box & double set triggers. Stock has a cheek piece and balances nicely. This attractive rifle is trimmed with perfectly browned iron furniture, and stocked in very dark stained fine curly maple. The rifle has a superb rich finish with an understate elegance. Often referred to as a Tennessee style, this Southern rifle is fitted with a correct lock. All wood to metal fit is superior and precise, showing the hand of a master. Front sight has a 5/16 inch dovetail brass base with a silver blade. Rear sight has a 5/16 dovetail base and is a brown steel open buckhorn style. 58 inches overall length and weighs 7.55 lbs. The barrel has deep rifling with 9 lands and grooves a true round ball shooter. Bore shows no signs of wear or pitting. No rust or damage to wood. All hardware is iron. It is in perfect condition throughout. PAYMEN Cash, postal money order, cashiers check, personal & business checks. May order at on-line with credit card.

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1780's American Fowler

Offered for sale is a 1780's American Fowler. Stocked in American walnut and built in the manner of a Twigg fowler with moderate adornment, it is meant to represent a finer piece that would have most likely been owned by a person of some means. The Fowler is 59 5/8 inches long overall, and utilizes a 44 inch Colerain 20ga barrel, finished armory bright. The length of pull is 13 1/2 inches. The lock is a Peter Allan round faced lock, with brass lock plate. The piece is decorated with a traditional English style shell carving behind the tang. Wide checkering adorns the wrist, with alternating star impressions and sterling silver, round wire inlays. The barrel tang is engraved, as is the top flat of the barrel over the breach. The brass lock plate is engraved, along with the steel cock. The comb of the brass butt piece is engraved, and the trigger guard and side plate are also adorned with engraving. A "C" and "S" scroll design decorates the heel of the stock on both sides, executed by utilizing sterling silver wire inlay. This fowler is in never fired, new condition. Additional photos of this fowler can be seen on my web site, in the "gallery" section, under "fowler". Additional photos are also available. This piece is being offered at $3,950.00, and I will pay all shipping within CONUS.

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32 CAL SOUTHERN by James Turpin

Offering for sale a very nice 32 caliber "JAMES TURPIN rifle." This a very thin & light rifle. It features a HOWARD KELLY 3/4 barrel 41 inches long. This barrel has very deep rifling and very smooth bore. I have shot this gun & it preforms very well. It also has a modified large Siler that is very fast. Davis set triggers and all hand forged hardware. The pull length is 13 & 1/12 inches. Stained dark for use in the woods.WE WILL ONLY SELL & SHIP IN THE US.--- SORRY--- Sales outside of the country for guns is now very difficult . We have additional photos available if requested. Asking $2800.00 FIRM. shipping & ins will be extra.

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Ron Ehlert Buck's County Rifle

PRICE REDUCED!!!! This rifle was completed in January 1987 and I am selling it for a client of my dad's. Those that are aware of Ron's work can appreciate the artistic style of this rifle. For those not familiar with his work, the late Ron Ehlert was considered one of the top custom muzzleloading rifle makers in the world and has been featured in numerous publications and videos, including the Book of Buckskinning and American Pioneer videos. This rifle is .50 caliber. The overall length is 57 1/2 inches, length of pull is 14 inches, and the swamped barrel is 42 inches. Beautiful figure on the stock and wire inlay adorn the length of this rifle. The barrel has intricate bands at the breach and muzzle. This rifle does have a thumb piece inlay with the original owner's initials engraved. According to the owner, this rifle has never been fired, except by my father when sighting-in the rifle. I have more pictures that I can send to interested parties, including full length photos. I will ship in a locked aluminum case that must be returned to me. $4,900.00, plus shipping.

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54 smooth rifle

54 smooth rifle. built from blank. curly walnut, 46" Colerain oct round barrel, smoothbore. chambers round face English lock. 13 1/4 pull. asking 1,800 hundred plus shipping

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Longrifle by Ric Lambert

1770 or so Berlin profile flintlock longrifle built around 1999 in Davidson Co. TN. Octagon to round, rifled, 44", tapered and flared, 54 cal. barrel. Sugar maple stock has good curl through out whole stock. Brass furniture, Chambers Flat Faced Ketland lock. Sliding wooded patch box. Incised and relief carving along with forestock and lower buttstock molding stepped at wrist. This gun shoots well and and has artistic as well as honest patina. More photos can be viewed here;

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