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Bucks County smooth rifle by Eric Kettenburg

Bucks County smooth rifle (1760's-70's) by Eric Kettenburg - 14 ga (.69) 40" octagon to round barrel brightened to reflect cleaned-up secondary usage, with sights, tang bolt threaded into simple nut, Chambers early Ketland lock casehardened with single lock nail, approx 14" LOP, no buttplate, brass guard shows file marks, one ramrod pipe, scraped finish in bold curly maple shows tool marks and prominent rippling, nitrate of iron with raw linseed oil and beeswax finish, boned - stocked entirely by hand in a traditional shop. $2,250 plus shipping / insurance

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Bill Pritchard CLF Auction Rifle

The auction rifle Bill Pritchard created combines characteristics of two closely related longrifles featured in Bill Ivey’s book, Schools of North Carolina Longrifles, number 44 and rifle number 32. Both rifles are from the Deep River School and associated with Alexander Frazier the earlier. With the 42 inch swamped Rice barrel in 45 caliber, and 13 1/2 inch length of pull, this is a fine handling, beautiful contemporary rifle with early Randolph County, North Carolina architecture. As always, the price is just a placeholder For more details please visit the CLF Fundraising Auction page Click here to view the 2015 CLF Fund Raising Auction

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Prerevolutionary Longrifle

Lancaster Flintlock Rifle. This rifle was built by well known builder Jerry Kirklin from Birmingham, MI. The rifle is in new condition. Barrel marked J. Kirklin 1986. Only test fired and well taken care of. It has a .45 caliber Douglas 42" octagon barrel marked GAA under the barrel, large Siler flintlock marked LS, single trigger and the trigger guard is shaped with a wide curled face and decorative scroll back, single line molding runs from the toe of the butt to approx. middle of trigger guard, generous stock carving well executed. The LOP is 13 7/8", the front sight is 10 1/4" forward of the rear of the barrel which has 7 lands and grooves and 1 in 66 inch twist. The rifle has all brass furniture except for the lock and trigger. The stock is curly maple and has a bullet shaped sliding patch box. The rifle weighs in at approx. 8 lbs.. 5 day return privilege from date of receipt. This rifle has been well made with very good components and will serve someone very well with class for a long time. Detailed pictures on request.

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Gary Birch Bag and Horn Set

Offered for sale is a Rev War hunting bag and 18th century style horn by Gary Birch. Gary is considered by many to be the best at his craft and as a folk artist. His work is not easy to obtain. The Hunting Bag is 8 3/4" wide by 9 1/2" long. The strap lets out to 63" long and is 1 1/4" wide with a very tarnished 18th century style brass buckle. The Bag is made of a quality leather with oil and wax finish that looks very period. The Horn is 15 1/2" outside curve with old style Alphabet. The horn has been on the Bag since it was made and is signed. It is a Lobed Horn with fluted edge. There is a simulated old repair with tar and pine pitch. It also is sealed on the base plug with same mixture. It is hard and black. The Horn has a dry 18th century patina. $2,500.00 for the set. Contact Steve Boyleston at 850-503-6317 or pegboyleston@ gmail. com

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.45 Cal.Pennsylvania Rifle RJT# 3551 - $595.00

This replica, stocked in select European walnut, reproduces faithfully the original rifles produced during the golden age of the American rifle (1760-1840). As with the rifles of this period, renowned for their accuracy at any range, this model reveals meticulous inletting of all metal parts to the stock and skilled hand finishing. It is produced in .45, caliber percussion. The octagonal rifled barrel is brown finished. The rifle is provided with adjustable double set, double phased triggers. Trigger guard and butt plate are made of deeply polished brass, lock and fittings are color case hardened. Standard retail $795.00 you can have this one for $200. less. This rifle is as new. To see full screen pictures go to and search 3551 If you like you can pay there with credit card or paypal.

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Virginia Rifle by Thom Frazier

This is an unfired Virginia Rifle with a 54 cal Colerain "C" profile barrel and Siler lock. The stock is figured from nose cap to butt plate with no open areas. The single trigger is adjusted a just under 4 lb. The price includes shipping and insurance.

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"Cotton" Carolina rifle

I have a rifle made by Cotton from Cottonwood Traders for sale.It's a 40 cal with a 42 inch Don Getz barrel,with an etched pattern like Damasacus .It has a Queen Anne lock by L&R and hand made trigger.The trigger guard has been cut off with a post put in, iron butt plate and pewter nosecap.The wood is walnut from a tree that he cut down and dried himself.Lop is 13 1/2 and the trigger is smooth and quick.This is a unique looking rifle that is a real shooter.Email me for more pictures

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clay smith rifle

Clay Smith left hand flintlock rifle, .58 cal. colerain 38" barrel, siler lock,...this is a beautiful rifle, exhibiting incised carving,and engraving. it is like new new and in excellent condition more pictures or info upon request

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Lehigh Valley Plain Rifle

This is my interpretation of a good solid plain rifle in the Lehigh Valley style. Architecturally the piece reflects the lines of Herman Rupp, but with slightly more robust sections through the wrist and buttstock reminiscent of earlier works by Peter Neihart. Sometimes referred to as a "Schimmel" or Barn rifle, these elegant pieces were probably quite common, and were used every day as tools. I have several late 18th and early 19th century tools that I frequently use while building a flintlock rifle, including forged hand vises, wooden planes, a draw knife, and some very large chisels. Every antique tool has dings, scratches, rust blemishes, and cracks that distinguish it from other tools in the chest. With that in mind, I built and finished this rifle with the intention of creating the same warm character and patina found on antique tools. This rifle was stocked in a dense piece of red maple, with a 42" .50 caliber Colerain barrel. Lock is a modified Chambers Golden Age, with a 13 5/8" trigger pull. A buttplate and triggerguard are the only pieces of furniture, with two sheet brass ramrod pipes forward. After staining with aquafortis, the stock was distressed to reflect wear and tear of actual use, but not abuse. The metal parts were similarly allowed to develop a heavy patina outdoors, rubbed back, then aged further, complete with "wise" marks on the breech and elsewhere. I view a piece like this as a continued work in progress, and that the rifle will develop character and patina with genuine use and wear. For more photos and information, Please visit:

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John Shuler,Bucks County Flintlock Rifle by Mike Gahagan

"PRICE REDUCED" Bucks County rifle styled after the builder John Shuler.The patch box is designed after one that is on a rifle attributed to Shuler that he built after moving from Bucks County to Perry County.The stock was scraped and burnished and given a slight patina as well as the metal components.The barrel is a Rice 46" .50 ca. and the lock is a Chambers Late Ketland that I assembled and tuned.It is in new condition and never fired.There is a patch on the forearm that I applied to fix a bad area caused from probably a bird peck.I will be happy to supply pictures of the area before and after as well as more detailed pictures of the rifle and answer any questions that you might have...

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