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Harpers Ferry US rifle - first model

.54 Harpers Ferry rifle (1803-05) is a careful copy of originals with handmade lock and castings from the Rifle Shoppe - 13 7/8" pull by 3" drop for comfortable shooting. New, unfired rifle with 33" Getz barrel, round bottom rifling, rear portion of barrel is round at bottom per first production, with proofs on left flat. Stocked in walnut and varnished, US stamped behind guard, brass box and mounts with steel ramrod. Includes the issued set of tools, plus plans for bag and horn of the period. Strong, attractive rifle, designed and developed shortly before Hawken and other half stocked rifles. $3,350 plus shipping / insurance.

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Ken Gahagan Fowler

Bench copy of a Revolutionary War period New England Musket/Fowler. Has a .70 cal. smoothbore barrel that is a copy of the origianl made by John Getz. The gun is 67" overall in length. Full cherry wood stock as per the original. Brass facated trigger guard was cast from the original and has an early acorn finial. Brass ramrod ferrils, buttplate and sideplate washers were fabricated from sheet. Original had a slightly modified early model Brown Bess lock which is what is used in this copy as well (The Rifle Shoppe). This musket is a typical example of a Rev War period musket made of European parts and restocked in cherry wood for the American patriots use in fighting the British. Provenance states the original musket was used in the Battle of Saratoga by a member of the Seldon family of Greenfield, Mass. The fowler is for sale or trade contact for details.

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.1/6/2015
.40 cal Ash Barn Type gun

For Sale. Basic "Barn gun" stocked in ash with a .40 cal x 7/8" x 42" rifle barrel, 1 in 48 twist with a lollipop tang. The rifle has a small Siler flintlock, double set / single fire triggers and iron trigger guard and pipes. It doesn't have a butt plate, entry pipe or side plate. This is a nice rifle for the price. Asking $950.00 plus shipping & insurance.

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Indian Rifle

This highly decorated rifle is made in the tradition of the German Masters around 1750. It is .50 cal, on stump, curly maple stock. Phone for further details: 301 707 0996

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North Carolina Poor Boy

This 32 caliber rifle has a 42" Rice barrel, slightly modified Chambers Late Ketland lock with 13 5/8" length of pull and 1/4" cast off with no butt plate or nose cap. The trigger guard is hand forged. The thimbles are copper and lock bolt washers are brass. The front sight is German silver on a copper base. The barrel and trigger guard are browned and slightly aged. The ramrod is hand split hickory. This rifle weighs not quite 8lbs and has been test fired only. $1325.00 includes shipping and insurance to the lower 48 states.

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Dane Lund flintlock (Price reduced)

Lehigh school, Getz 45 1/2" swamped 50 caliber barrel, Chambers lock, nice carving throughout. Price includes shipping CONUS.

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Allen Martin flintlock (Price reduced) *SPF*

Lehigh school, Getz 46" swamped 54 caliber barrel, Chambers lock, carving throughout. Price includes shipping CONUS.

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Jud Brennan Rifle

Words can not describe the quality and the beauty of this rifle. and pictures do not do it justice. For those of you who collect flintlocks when I say the name Jud Brennan that"s all I really need to say. For those just starting or thinking about collecting flintlocks, there are thousands of builders out there offering prices of a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Jud Brennan may be the finest builder in the world. If he is not he would be in the top select few. To have him build a rifle equal to the quality and workmanship of this fine piece would take many months, perhaps years and lots of bucks. I do not profess to knowing Mr. Brennan's production schedule or his price points. I do know he is well known in the art of building fine flintlocks. Please note the beautiful octagon barrel, rifle is dressed with lots of silver and brass highly engraved This rifle is featured here ://contemporarymakers.blogspot/2012/12/jud-brennan-rifle.html here you can see about 20 additional pictures as well as some additionalwritten information. No waiting here, lets get together and I will ship it to you immediately. Should you desire to purchase this rifle we will need to discuss

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Transitional Style Rifle

Iron mounted Transitional Rifle with 44", octagon to round Getz barrel in .62 cal. Dark stained curly maple stock with ebony grip rail on trigger guard and ebony inlay on either side of patch box. The lock is the 1750, Jack Haugh design by Davis. The ramrod pipes, nose cap, side plate and trigger are hand made. The side plate and nose cap are German silver. Raised carving decorates the entire rifle as you can see. The rifle weighs 10 1/4 lbs. and has a trigger pull of 14 3/4". This is a big gun. I built the rifle in 1999 and entered it at Dixon's Gunmaker's Fair in 2001. The rifle received ribbons for 'Best of Show Contemporary" and first place in carving and engraving. The rifle has been shot three times. Higher resolution photos are available upon request. Thanks for looking.

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1760/1770 24 ga. Fowler

This is one of my early English/American Fowlers built about 5 years ago stocked in Cherry, brass mounts, Chambers brass plate English flintlock, Ed Rayl 24ga. 38'' smooth barrel oct. to round. SS wire work at the tang area and lower forearm, very nicely relief carved, fully engraved, SS thumb piece, barrel and brass have been aged. Trigger pull length is 13 '' weight is just 7lb. Price is $3,700

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