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York Rifle by Cabin Creek in .54 caliber

The owner of this rifle said to reduce the price. It is now over $600 less than a new one. This one has also had the rear sight moved forward about 3" so it is now 12" from the breech which makes the sight picture a little clearer, especially for those of us who's eyes are getting older. There are a few handling dings in the wood but overall is in like new condition. The barrel is a straight 15/16" by 39" long in .54 caliber. This length gives it a good balance point at 11", just where your forward hand would go. The barrel is by Green Mountain. It has square bottom grooves and the bore is excellent. I have been told by a previous owner that this gun is extremely accurate. The lock is a large Siler style by Davis. The double triggers are by Davis as well and will fire set or unset. The wood is a moderately curly piece of maple stained to a nice dark reddish brown and has a smooth hand rubbed finish. The hardware is brass. Overall it is a well made rifle and handles very nicely. Weight is 8 lbs 13 ozs. Pull is 13 3/4". More pictures can be found at

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Twigg Fowler by G.L. Jones

12 ga. copy of a Twigg fowler ciirca 1770's. Has very slight patina of ageing. L&R lock, nice black walnut and Colerain barrel.

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John Newcomer by Tim Williams

Patterned after: John Newcomer (1775-1780) Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 50 Caliber, 42 in. Swamped Octagon Rice Barrel; Chambers Lock; Walnut Stock; Handmade Wedge keys and Side plate. Handmade Horn-tipped ram rod; Two-piece Brass Patch box and Brass nose cap; Brass wire inlay surrounding patch box lid. Trigger pull: 13 3/4 in.; Drop: 3 1/2 in.; Cast off: 1/8 in. For more details and photos visit my website at

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English Stalking Rifle

Offered for sale is an English Stalking Rifle in 54 caliber with a 31 inch barrel length. This is considered to be an English style Jaeger used by gentlemen of the period to hunt game is the 1760's. The highly figured English walnut stock is fitted with steel components and all surfaces are highly engraved. The touch hole appears to be gold plated. The wrist of the rifle is beautifully checkered in 18th century style. The rifle is signed by J. Krechel of Saylorsburg, which I assume to be the builder. If you know the builder and care to share some information about him, I would greatly appreciate that. The rifle is in excellent condition and does have some light handling marks. I have never carried the rifle or hunted with it in the field. Price does not include shipping or packaging.

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CLA Fundraising Auction

Marc Tornichio's early southern rifle is now posted on the auction site. This is a really great gun by an outstanding young CLA artist. Take a look Click on the CLF section, then click on 2014 auction then scroll down through the artists and click on Marc's name. If you have not visited before, click on all of them for a treat. Remember the Auction is on Friday night at the show in Lexington.

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Left-handed smooth rifle

Mike Brooks true 28ga. smooth rifle with a 44 inch Getz D weight barrel. Nice figured maple stock with a sliding wood patch box and leather sling. it has a large siler lock tuned by Mike Lea. Price is $2100 shipped to lower 48 states or can deliver at the CLA show in Lexington.

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Learn to Carve a Longrifle

Learn to carve a longrifle with the help of a kit produced by Jim Kibler. Included in the kit is a cast of Lancaster style carving, a practice stock to carve and a short instructional booklet explaining the process used for creating this design. With these components the process of learning to carve a longrifle will simplified. Available at an introductory price of $135 plus $10 shipping within the continental US. Personal checks or money orders accepted. If you would like to pay with a credit card, please visit Contact information: Jim Kibler PO Box 293 Hanoverton, Ohio 44423 Thanks for looking.

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Left Hand York Rifle by R Ambright

This is another finely made rifle by Robert Ambright of Eagle River, WI. This is a very well made rifle with very tight inletting with clean carving and engraving. The barrel is a Green Mountain that has been custom turned to an oct-round shape. It is 38" long in a .45 caliber. The lock is a large Siler. The trigger is handmade. The iron parts have been aged and have a nice matte grey color. The stock is a beautiful piece of curly maple stained with aqua-fortis to bring out the figure. There are two age checks at the toe on the right side. Very minor and don't seem to go in far. The hardware is brass and is more typical of the Lancaster region whereas the carving, especially the tang area is more York styling. Not an unusual combination due to the close proximity of the two areas. The rifle holds and balances very well. Weight is 8 lbs 13 oz. Pull is 14". More pictures can be found at

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Beautifully crafted Smooth Bore Fowler in 28ga.

Beautifully crafted smooth bore Fowler in 28 ga. (SOLD PENDING FUNDS) The Barrels are 44" in Length, octagon shaped at the Breech transitioning to a round taper providing smooth handling and balance. The quick and reliable ignition is provided by a Chambers round face English style lock. Brass hardware, stocked in American black walnut and a hand rubbed oil finish. Early style checkering in the wrist with carvings in the tang and rear entry thimble area. The front spider sight is cast from silver and inlaid into the barrel. A typical load for this rifle would have consisted of 55 grains of FFg black powder and a .540 diameter round ball wrapped in a .015 thick piece of linen cloth. Another load that was used during the revolutionary and civil war era was what was referred to as a Buck and Ball load consisting of a full caliber round ball combined with Three buckshot pellets. This was designed to improve the probability of a hit @ close range.

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Ron Ehlert Buck's County Rifle

This rifle was completed in January 1987. Those that are aware of Ron's work can appreciate the artistic style of this rifle. For those not familiar with his work, the late Ron Ehlert was considered one of the top custom muzzleloading rifle makers in the world and has been featured in numerous publications and videos, including the Book of Buckskinning and American Pioneer videos. This rifle is .50 caliber. The overall length is 57 1/2 inches, length of pull is 14 inches, and the swamped barrel is 42 inches. Beautiful figure on the stock and wire inlay adorn the length of this rifle. The barrel has intricate bands at the breach and muzzle. This rifle does have a thumb piece inlay with the original owner's initials engraved. According to the owner, this rifle has never been fired, except by my father when sighting-in the rifle. I have more pictures that I can send to interested parties, including full length photos. I will ship in a locked aluminum case that must be returned to me. $8,000.00, plus shipping. This rifle will also be for sale at the annual CLA show in Lexington, KY in August. Please visit the Muzzleloader Magazine table to see the rifle in person.

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