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Colonial Fowler

Offered for sale is a 1780's Colonial American Fowler. Stocked in American walnut and built in the manner of a Twigg fowler with moderate adornment, it is meant to represent a finer piece that would have most likely been owned by a person of some means. The Fowler is 59 5/8" long overall, and utilizes a 44" Colerain 20ga barrel, finished armory bright. The length of pull is 13 1/2". The lock is a Peter Allan round faced lock, with brass lock plate. The piece is decorated with a traditional English style shell carving behind the tang. Wide checkering adorns the wrist, with alternating star impressions and sterling silver, round wire inlays. The barrel tang is engraved, as is the top flat of the barrel over the breach. The brass lock plate is engraved, along with the steel cock. The comb of the brass butt piece is engraved, and the trigger guard and side plate are also adorned with engraving. A "C" and "S" scroll design decorates the heel of the stock on both sides, executed by utilizing sterling silver wire inlay. This fowler is in never fired, new condition. Additional photos of this fowler can be seen on my web site, in the "gallery" section, under "fowler". Additional photos are also available. This piece is being offered at $3,750.00, and I will pay all shipping within CONUS. Alternate email is:

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Silver Pendants

My girlfriend Katherine and I have been making some jewelry. These pendants being offered are interesting in that they are seen as thumb pieces in our gun world. We have some beautiful designs available that can be provided in time for Christmas. Made of sterling silver, these are highly detailed and finished. As a "CLA Christmas Special" we will hand engrave an initial for free with the purchase of a pendant. Each pendant comes with a sterling silver chain. Several are available of each design so we should be able to fill any requests. To purchase, contact me or go to Here are photos of a couple with some background information: Rococo Flower: A beautiful rococo design originally produced by Griffin of London. Somewhat loose in form and structure, yet wonderfully balanced. A beautiful harmonious design. $200 plus shipping Baroque Big Owl: A strongly carved baroque design produced by John Cookson of London. A beautifully carved owl head crowns the pendant and overlooks symmetrical foliage, tassels and a grotesque mask. A beautiful statement piece. $195 plus shipping For more offerings, please visit Thanks, Jim and Katherine

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Mike Brooks Fowler

Here's a Mike Brooks fowler made last year. It has a 47 3/8" Hoyt barrel, 20 ga, LOP 13 1/2", a beautiful piece of curly maple for a stock, and Mike's perfect lines and balance. This is the best flintlock I have ever owned. There is no buttplate or sideplate, and no entry thimble. This helps keep it light, just under six pounds. Instant ignition and very accurate at 50 yards with ball. More pictures of this gun are still available on Mike's website. SOLD, Thank You.

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Classic Bridger style Hawken Rifle

Recently completed by John F. Bergmann, a "classic" Percussion Hawken style Rifle! Ser.#0663. .54 Cal. Colerain barrel -1 1/8"atf X 32"long. OAL - 49". Weight - 11.5lbs. LOP - 14". Rear sight position - 9.75" from breech end of barrel. Modena style patchbox w/push button release. Stock is maple. The rifle is new and, except for proofing the barrel, has not been shot. I can provide more pic's if needed. $1685.00 + shipping

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Christian Springs Rifle by K. Moors in .58 cal.

Another fine rifle by Ken Moors of Edenton, N.C. Ken likes the early Christian Springs style guns and he did a fine job with this one as usual. The lock is a Chambers Deluxe Siler Gunmakers lock and Ken custom shaped the plate. The barrel is a "D" weight 37" long Colerain in .58 caliber. The stock is a highly figured piece of maple with aged brass hardware. The rifle is raised carved with silver wire accents behind the cheek. The brass parts exhibit the fine engraving that Ken is known for. The fit, finish and aging on this rifle are all excellent. The pictures can tell more than I can as to how fine a gun this is. This rifle started out as one of my kits and Ken did a fine job of adding his own touches to make it a little different. This rifle holds and balances very well. I have sold several of Ken's guns in the past and the new owners have been very pleased with the quality of the work and the accuracy. Weight is 8 lbs. 6 oz. Pull is 13 5/8". More pictures can be found at

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.54 Cal. Rocky Mountain rifle. RJT# 3277-4

Model: Mountain Rifle Serial Number: none Year of Manufacture: Ca. 1970 Caliber: .54 Action Type: Percussion caplock with double set triggers. Markings: none Barrel Length: 32 inch Sights / Optics: Buckhorn style as used on Lever guns,and silver blade Rouck mountain site. Type of Finish: Brown Finish Originality: yes Bore Condition: Bright and shinny no pitting or rust. Overall Condition: This rifle rates in about Very Good condition. Mechanics: excellent Box, Paperwork & Accessories: None Our Assessment: Dark Walnut stock. Lock and triggers work perfectly. No dings or chips. Hawken style trigger guard. Iron butt plate and toe guard. Hawken style lock. Patch box looks like an old original. Stock has a silver Liberty Bell inlay. Barrel escutcheons are silver Acorns. And silver thimbles. A nice gun. Adult signature required upon delivery. FOREIGN SALES OK where allowed by local law, with actual shipping charges. PAYMENT Cash, postal money order, cashiers check, personal & business checks. May order at on-line with credit card.

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Vincent Ohio Rifle by Gary Rummell "SOLD!"

.50 caliber, 38" 7/8 straight Colerain barrel, modified small Siler flintlock, Davis double set triggers, primitive adjustable rear sight, brass and silver mounted, engraved, poured pewter nose cap, pinned barrel rib, built on a curly maple half stock. I built this rifle less than a year ago and has had 8-10 rounds fired through it to zero it. Sold Pending Funds

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UNsigned 45 Caliber Flintlock Rifle

This is a great vintage Flintlock rifle. The rifle is a 45 Caliber rifle with great look.

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M.T. Koval Mountain Man Flintlock Rifle

This is a great Flintlock made by Unknown to me M.T. Koval. The flintlock is a 50 Caliber and has a Ivory front sight blade and cheekrest. There is a great Mountain Man killing and Indian carved into the stock.

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Lester Smith For Hacker martin Longrifle

This is a Fantastic Lester Smith Longrifle. This Flintlock rifle has a 53" barrel and is 38 Caliber Smoothbore? Not certain when rifle was made but Lester Smith died in 1953. The patch box lock parts are missing inside.

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