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Vincent Rifle by Ron England and Ron Ehlert

This is the finest Vincent copy I've ever seen. 36" barrel is polished (without finish) and .40 caliber.

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Youth Trade Gun in .50 smoothbore

This is a scaled down version of my type G trade gun. It is approximately 2/3 scale. The barrel is custom made by Colerain and is 32" long oct-round in .50 caliber smoothbore. The barrel has been blued. The lock is by Quality Locks, Inc. which are sold by Caywood Guns. It is a high quality lock, well made and has a fast action and throws a shower of sparks. There is a touch hole liner in it as well to speed up the ignition time. The maple stock is painted oxide red with typical sheet brass hardware. This gun is comfortable for many smaller adults as well. I have this gun at a highly discounted price due to the fact that when drilling the ramrod hole, the bit came out the bottom. I repaired it by gluing a new piece of wood on the bottom. The new piece can not be seen under the paint and it is as sound as when it was one piece. Weight is 4 lbs. Pull is 12 1/4". More pictures can be found at

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York Rifle by Brad Emig

This rifle and another one I have in .40 caliber are almost twins. They have slightly different engraving on the patchbox and this one does not have an inlay on the cheek. This one has also had the rear sight moved forward about 3" so it is now 12" from the breech which makes the sight picture a little clearer, especially for those of us who's eyes are getting older. There are a few handling dings in the wood but overall is in like new condition. The barrel is a straight 15/16" by 39" long in .54 caliber. This length gives it a good balance point at 11", just where your forward hand would go. The barrel is by Green Mountain. It has square bottom grooves and the bore is excellent. I have been told by a previous owner that this gun is extremely accurate. The lock is a large Siler style by Davis. The double triggers are by Davis as well and will fire set or unset. The wood is a moderately curly piece of maple stained to a nice dark reddish brown and has a smooth hand rubbed finish. The hardware is brass. Overall it is a well made rifle and handles very nicely. Weight is 8 lbs. 13 ozs. Pull is 13 3/4". More pictures can be found at

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Lancaster Longrifle

This well balanced longrifle, made by James Klien, has a .50 cal., 44" long, Getz swamped barrel. The 'Golden Age' lock is made by Chambers. Curly maple stock is curled from muzzle to butt plate and is carved in all the right places. The engraved patchbox is in the style of Isaac Haines, with a release button in the toe plate disguised as a screw head. Trigger pull is 13 5/8" For more photos or more information call; (513) 899-2896 or email;

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Jack Haugh Rifle

The craftmanship and artistry of Jack Haugh from the estate of Dean Ashton 1978 50 cal. flintlock longrifle. 60.5" overall 44" barrel

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Judson Brennan flintlock rifle

Words can not describe the quality and the beauty of this rifle. and pictures do not do it justice. For those of you who collect flintlocks when I say the name Jud Brennan that"s all I really need to say. For those just starting or thinking about collecting flintlocks, there are thousands of builders out there offering prices of a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Jud Brennan may be the finest builder in the world. If he is not he would be in the top select few. To have him build a rifle equal to the quality and workmanship of this fine piece would take many months, perhaps years and lots of bucks. I do not profess to knowing Mr. Brennan's production schedule or his price points. I do know he is well known in the art of building fine flintlocks. Note the octagon barrel as well as all the silver and brass beautifully engraved. If you would like additional pictures I would be happy to email them to you No waiting here, lets get together and I will ship it to you immediately. Thank you kindly for viewing my listing

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Judson J. Brennan 1,1977 built flintlock *** $2,800.00

COLLECTORS, 36 cal,dixie lock,42" Sharon Barrel,Engraved folk art patchbox, incised carveings, LEHIGH STYLE RIFLE ,13/16 oct Barrel, Very slim light weight 7.9 lbs balanced .double set triggers.13.5 inch trigger length of pull, LEFT HANDED RIFLE, Thanks for Looking NO HANDLEING MARKS,, message or call for more Pics, Thanks Dave, Shipping Included......

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Blunderbuss Barrel

Blunderbuss barrel turned from a solid steel billet; bore is approximately 1 1/14 inches. Purchased about 10 years ago from a gun builder in the Tri-Cities, WA. This barrel is somewhat unique in that it has a powder chamber in the breech plug, more like a mortar or cannon. This is an unfinished project that is taking up space in the gun safe. The barrel is in great shape, the junque you can see on it in the pictures is either in-letting compound or remains of Acraglass, that you can easily remove. We accept cash, check or PayPal;

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Lehigh Valley Rifle

The lines of this rifle are based on a rifle by John Rupp with side opening brass patchbox. This rifle is built around an A weight swamped 42" .40 cal Green Mountain barrel (square groove rifling), a customized large Siler lock without frizzen bridal, and a dense red maple stock. The rifle has been fired only a few times and is in otherwise new condition. Wooden sliding patchbox with brass end. Open-ended muzzlecap, handmade ramrod pipes, sideplate, and other small parts custom made. This gun was entirely hand built from a blank with no machine tools used for the barrel, ramrod, or other inletting and shaping. Stock shaped with spokeshave and scrapers, stained with aquafortis, oil finished and given a slight patina finish to highlight the shallow carving. This little .40 cal rifle weighs 7.5lbs, is easy to handle, and shoulders beautifully without any slap to the cheek bone often associated with Lehigh Valley guns. LOP from center of trigger to innermost part of buttplate is 13.75". If you're looking for a slim rifle, this is it! Please see more photos in the gallery on my website: Contact me for more information.

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Jaeger Hunting Rifle

Very nice Jaeger rifle for sale. Highly figured curly maple stock and iron mounts, wood patch box and sling. R.E. Davis flintlock, Jaeger style set triggers and 31" swamped barrel. It is a large .69 caliber in true Jaeger fashion. Despite the large bore recoil is very modest and this rifle is very comfortable to shoot. It also comes with a round ball mold and 20 balls that I cast from the mold. I have more pics available upon request.

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