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St Louis Hawken

This Hawken rifle was assembled using parts from the Hawken Shop. All castings were made from an original Hawken Rifle. The Barrel was made by Ed Rayl and is a 1 1/8"x1" straight taper 54 cal x 34" long. The lock plate was cast from an original Gibbons, I do not know whose internal parts were used but they are very well done. The sear rotates on a set of pins and the screws in the bolster are shouldered so the tumbler and the sear do not get pinched or bind. A very well done lock. All the furniture has been rust blued and lightly rubbed back. The rifle is new with 10 rounds fired for sighting purpose. Contact Jim Parker, Calvary Longrifles LLC,, cell 205-566-1387 or shop 205-680-9219.

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20 ga. Lancaster Co. Fowler

This Revolutionary War period Fowler by Shane Emig is styled after an original made by John Newcomer in Lancaster Co. Pa. It is stocked in a brilliant piece of curly maple, hand finished with traditional finishes, and has a trigger pull length of 13 5/8 inches. The brass mounts are fully hand engraved in the neatest 18th Century fashion. The 42 inch Colerain barrel has also been hand filed and decorated at the transition. The large Siler lock has been hand-tuned to insure smooth, fast and reliable service. This gun is in brand new, un-fired condition.

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Transitional rifle

For Sale: Early style 62 cal. rifle. Stumpwood curly maple stock finished with nitric acid stain. Colerain swamped round bottom rifling. Chamber's Germanic lock, all steel hardware finished bright. Handmade thimbles and sites. Customized buttplate and triggerguard from castings. Bone boar in cheekpiece surrounded with silver wire. Antler covered sliding patch box again surrounded with silver wire. molded bead on lower butt. More silver on forestock and around tang. Fired half a dozen times , but never sited in. Small nicks and dents from packing it around for the last 10 years. Ebony strip on cheek piece edge has developed hairline crack, part of the patina I guess. Built by me. More pictures upon request. Priced at $3650.00 plus 70.00 frt. and insur.

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Left hand .54 cal. full stock Hawken by John Bergmann

Left Hand .54 ca. Walnut full stock Hawken by John Bergmann of Granville Tn. Gitz 37" tapered 1 1/8 to 15/16" .54 cal. barrel, L&R lock with a very short throw, W. Morgan double set triggers, American Black Walnut stock, 2 piece brazed butt plate. Length of pull is 14". I received this rifle from John in March of 2011. Buyer pays actual shipping cost. I'm starting to reduce the size of my collection. This rifle is in excellent condition inside and out. I've had it out to the range 3 times and have fired it less than 40 times. I returned it to John and had him replace the long bar rear sight with a more standard Hawken type sight. The other just didn't look right on the this rifle. John plugged the old dove tail and it gives the rifle kind of an old original look to it. I have plenty of pictures so contact me if you are interested. I will pay shipping to the lower 48 states and some of the shipping to Alaska.

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Peter Neihart/Lehigh Valley Rifle

This longrifle is built in the style of Peter Neihart who worked in the area now known as the Lehigh Valley. The 44' octagonal to round, .54 cal. barrel is made by Colerain. The lock is by L. Zorne's Gun Shop. The curley maple stock is incised carved behind and in front of the cheek as well as behind the rear ramrad pipe. The area around the barrel tang has raised carving as did Neiharts pieces. The barrel, lock, and etc. are browned. And the brass is darkened for an aged look. For more photos or information call; (513) 899-2896 or email:

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Peter A. Alexander "Left hand - Virginia longrifle"

This left hand rifle was made by Peter A. Alexander “The Gunsmith of Grenville County” for a customer in 2001. It is based on a circa 1770, Winchester, Va. style, Peter believes that this is the most elaborately carved rifle he has ever made. This .50 caliber rifle has never been fired. Hand crafted double set triggers by Peter A. Alexander.

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Peter A. Alexander "Isaac Berlin" longrifle

Isaac Berlin: this .54 caliber rifle is an exacting copy of the famous Isaac Berlin rifle shown in Vol. II of Rifles of Colonial America. Peter Alexander “The Gunsmith of Grenville County” has known, studied, and loved this rifle, made by Isaac Berlin in Easton, Pa. circa 1775, since 1980. In 1981, Peter persuaded George Shumway, the owner, to let him take the original butt plate and trigger guard to Reaves Goehring Jr. to have copies made. He made 4 or 5 copies of the original gun. This one uses the last set of butt plate & trigger guard taken from the original rifle. This gun is unfired.

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Swivelbarrel Flintlock Rifle

Both barrels of this rifle are .45 caliber. It was made by William Buchele, author of RECREATING THE AMERICAN LONGRIFLE. The condition is excellent, having been shot very few times. The maple stock is ornately carved by Mr. Buchele himself.

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Smoothrifle by C. Immel in .54 (28 gauge)

This is a very nice longrifle by Chris Immel. It is taken from an original that possibly was from the York area of Pennsylvania. The barrel is by Longhammock in .54 smoothbore (28 ga.), oct-round and 44" long. The lock is a Chamber's Early Ketland that has been reshaped and tuned. The stock is curly maple with good figure in it the entire length. It has a early style swell at the rear thimble are that is neatly defined by the carving. It has a aquafortis stain and a hand rubbed oil finish. The brass mounts have been filed with raised panels which is very nicely done. The fit and finish is excellent. The gun is new, never fired although the lock has been snapped and the frizzen shows this as it has slight wear. The gun has good balance and points very nicely. Weight is 9 lbs 3 oz. Pull is 13 3/4". More pictures can be found at

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American Style Fowler in 20 gauge with Turkey Choke

This is a very well made fowler in an American style by W.J. Slusser. It handles very well and points nicely. The barrel is oct-round and is 38" long. The bore is 20 gauge with an extra full turkey choke. NOT DESIGNED FOR ROUND BALL. SHOT ONLY. The engraved lock is a large Siler. The stock is a very nice piece of curly maple with a stain and finish that makes it glow in the sunlight giving a beautiful depth to the grain. The brass hardware is well inlet and neatly engraved. The gun is lightly used with a few minor dents in the wood. Frizzen has light wear and the bore is excellent. Overall an excellent gun that balances and points very well. It has front and rear sights. The front sight has an ivory blade set into it which will show up well in a shady woods. Weight is 7 lbs. Pull is 14". More pictures can be found at

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